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Role Vision:
The cook is responsible for the preparation of food, cleaning and hygiene of his work area and ensures the perfect state of tools and facilities. Responsible for the elaboration of the part of the menus that are created by the Executive Chef and Chef de Partie.

Hotel with two restaurants with buffet service, one of them with international cuisine and the other with Italian cuisine and BBQ.

Principal functions:
• Knowledge of hot-cold cooking and the use of equipment and work items.
• Check the schedule and set priorities.
• Make the preparation for the buffet preparation.
• Prepare meat, poultry, fish and seafood.
• Prepare funds and base sauces.
• Prepare soups and creams.
• Perform quality control.
• Prepare jellies, pates, ceviches.
• Prepare salads.
• Prepare cold sauces.
• Preparation and supervision of restaurant food.
• Check the cleanliness of the workplace.

Specific of the role:

• Check the machinery.
• Preparation, baking and finishing of different types of food.
• Work in split shifts with two daily shifts as planned.


Studies / Training:

Essential: FP of medium or higher degree in cooking. Food handler card.
Desirable: FP of higher degree or degree in cooking.


Essential: 2 years of experience in a similar position.
Desirable: Knowledge in the preparation of decorations and carvings of vegetables will be valued.

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